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Was born to bring the most elegant and refine bags design with the best quality leather found worldwide.

We use only vegetable tanned and dyed Leather with highest standards of environmental Protection.


Our Main Designer

The designer and main mentor of Del Sur Leather is Inés María Grau, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After receiving a degree in Public Relations and working in several companies related to the communication and marketing business, she decided to settle a year in London, United Kingdom, to pursue a postgraduate program in Public Relations. Steeped in the world of fashion and latest trends in the Western world, she returned to Argentina in 2007 with the desire in the blood to study something that had to do with design and fashion, and in the future to have a brand with her own creations. After studying shoe design, tailoring, production of lingerie and swimwear, interior design and landscaping, personal image, colorimetry and jewelry among several others, she felt it was time. Born her second daughter and wanting to leave the business market to finally devote herself to what has always fascinated her, is that her own brand of shoes was born in Argentina. Estocolmo and Co. started its development from shoes and its name is a tribute to the simplicity of the Swedish design concepts she studied in London, combined with the Novelty of the Argentine leather. Ines Grau is also consultant for some other well-known brands in Argentina. One year later, she developed her 100% Argentine leather outside and inside bags brand, with materials and manpower 100% produced in her country. DEL SUR means that it comes from the South, and Argentina is at the south of America. The brand pursues the spirit of few but elaborated things, with the best quality leather produced in Argentina and the best designs worldwide.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to the commercialization of leather products of the highest quality, unique in the market, that offer added value for the satisfaction of our customers. We build a better world thinking about sustainability. Our product is real, pure and without artificial chemicals.


The axes that guide our growth are Integrity, good manners, honesty, excellence, passion, commitment, joy and efficiency.

Vision Statement

Consolidate the leadership of Del Sur in the national and international market, expanding the use of natural and Premium leather from Argentina in all possible markets, to position ourselves as one of the leather products companies with the highest growth, quality and design worldwide. A financially solid and warm company where to work.