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In Del Sur we care very much for our Planet, that’s why we make our products mainly with Natural Vegetable Leathers. By using a tanning process with environmental standard methods in combination with the use of vegetable dyes we prevent harming the environment.

Environment is in our Style

We don't use PU nor Action Leather in any of our products. These leathers not only have a shorter life period but are also a microfiber-based synthetics that are not biodegradable. During its production, chemicals like Dimethylformamide are used. The degradation of polyurethane can take between 500 and 1000 years, while the degradation of Natural vegetable leather, as it is Natural fiber, can take a fraction of this time.

We develop fashion accessories that will not be out of fashion fast. We develop classic designs for all times with a material that will improve the more you use it. Using stable designs with high quality leather that can be used for many years, we contribute to the development of pollution conscience.